What we offer...

Synopses & Screenplays

DI Agency offers a variety of synopses and full screenplays for feature-length movies and series in all genres. We also write screenplays upon request, provide new and original ideas or develop existing ones. We target all audiences and all cultures.


We offer our products to film making companies and independent producers. Whatever your interests are – be it drama, comedy, adventures, crime & gangster, horror, cartoons, war, science fiction, musicals, westerns or historical epics – we can provide you with a wide range of content that will not only meet your desires but will potentially widen your horizons.


Contact us, let us know about your needs or interests, and we will make you a business proposal.



Why buy Synopses and Screenplays?


The answer is simple: it saves you a considerable amount of money. Buying the rights on a fully produced show is expensive. Purchasing a concept, a synopsis, or a screenplay of a show lets you achieve your goals at a smaller cost.


We are experienced in this business and know how to work with the most delicate clients. The majority of production companies in Russia have already tried working with us and did not regret. This is why we have experienced such a significant growth in recent years.


Today most major Russian production companies and TV channels are among our clients (see Partners for a comprehensive list). Many feature films and series based on screenplays written by our authors are stories of success (see Projects for an overview).



Co-production? Yes, we do that too!


We work with experienced production teams and will be willing to discuss co-production options with all interested parties.


Co-financing? Also possible!


If your company is interested in sharing the production costs of a show that is filmed in Russia, we will be willing to let you know about our options to that end as well.































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