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Stephen King recommends.

«To the Lake» ("The Outbreak") is a Russian web television series, acquired by Netflix and released internationally 

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«Better than us»: the first Russian series presented as a Netflix Original.

“Persian lessons” premiered at Berlin Film Festival and was created by director known for “House of Sand and Fog" (3 Academy Award nominations). This feature film was warmly received by critics and had a remarkable success in Chinese box-office

"Territory": a MIP Drama 2017 finalist. Presented by Channel One.

"Beyond the Edge": a 2018 action fantasy film starring Antonio Banderas. One of the most wanted Russian films on the international market.

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"Method": Gold Medal at the New York Film Festival in 2016 (Crime Drama); TEFI award for the Best TV Movie/Series in 2016 (the most prestigious award in Russia). Presented by Channel One.The series has been acquired by Netflix.


"Gogol": a 2017 fantasy-horror series that topped the box office in Russia when premiered as a full-length film. Presented by TV3 Channel.This series was sold to Amazon Prime Video



"Runaway": TV movie of the year in 2017 according to The Association of Film and Television Producers (Russia). Presented in 2017 by NTV Broadcasting Company.

Photo courtesy of NTV press service

"The Fortress in Badaber" is among the most highly rated series of Channel One in 2018.TV movie of the year in 2019 according to The Association of Film and Television Producers (Russia)

“Prince Oleg”. One of the most expensive and highly anticipated Russian feature films of 2018. A historical drama about a famous and influential ruler of Medieval Russia.


"Mermaids". The Russian adaptation of a world famous Israeli blockbuster series.The series is to be broadcast by Channel One

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"Dr. Preobrazhensky". A prime time series about the beginnings of cosmetic surgery in the USSR and the strive for beauty and freedom among the people who lived behind the Iron Curtain. To be broadcast by Channel One

"Odin vdox". A drama about female free divers. Leading Russian actors star in this feature film shot in Malta (to be premiered in 2019). 

“Rostov”. The story of a former gangster who starts working for the young Soviet government in 1920’s and fights crime in the city of Rostov. The series starring an extravagant and scandalous movie star Ivan Okhlobystin is presented by NTV Broadcasting Company.

Photo courtesy of NTV press service. Anton Raskolnikov


“A shade behind the back”: a crime series in which an investigator who is trying to catch a serial killer encounters unexpected obstacles triggered by corruption and incompetence among his colleagues in law enforcement. Presented by NTV Broadcasting Company.

Photo courtesy of NTV press service



“Natalia and Alexander” – A high budget series about the life of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.


“World Zero” (Nulevoy mir) – A new series about Russian internet hackers and their extreme life surrounded by intelligence officers and law enforcement agents.

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