DI Agency is a major source of screenplays for films and series in Russia. Our agency covers 20 percent of the entire screenwriting market in Russia.

We represent more than 100 writers and more than 180 films (including 13 international co-production projects) based on our products are currently in development. We work with the main TV channels, OTT platforms, studios, and cinemas in Russia, France, Germany, USA, UK and other countries.


We offer synopses and screenplays in English worldwide. Our products are suitable for audiences of different ages and cultures. We are also open to projects in directing and co-production.

DI Agency was founded in 2015 by Dmitry I. Petrov, an experienced producer, editor and entrepreneur from Moscow, Russia. Within three years, the company has become a major source of content in the Russian production industry.


Our portfolio of projects contains more than 2000 stories. The number of screenplays in English is in continuous growth. We are looking forward to sharing our expertise with partners worldwide.


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Our International Team


Dmitry Petrov, President

Irina Zotova,

Executive Vice President

Victor Novikov,

Deputy Director




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